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  • Performance and show information

  • Saturday December 11th from 2-5pm and Sunday December 12th from 6-9pm at Peace United Church of Christ.

    • If unable to attend these dates, contact us and we will attempt to schedule a separate time.  ​

  • Come with a prepared song, and ready to read scenes from the script. 

    • Your song can be from the show or in a style similar to the show. Bring sheet music for the accompanist and a separate copy for yourself if you want it.

  • You may audition for the show generally or for a specific character (see list below).  

  • Come prepared to list rehearsal conflicts for full rehearsal period. Rehearsal schedule will be M-F 6-9pm beginning Jan 3rd. 


  • Emma Carew. Female, Lead, Soprano ​

  • Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde. Male, Lead, Tenor

  • Lucy Harris. Female, Lead, Mezzo-soprano

  • Gabriel John Utterson/Ensemble. Male, Supporting, Baritone/Bass

  • The Bishop of Basingstoke/Ensemble. Male, Supporting, Baritone

  • Simon Stride/Ensemble. Male, Supporting, Baritone

  • Sir Danvers Carew. Male, Supporting, Baritone

  • Lord Glossop/Ensemble. Male, Supporting, non-singer/baritone. 

  • Nellie/Ensemble. Female, Featured, Mezzo-soprano

  • Spider/Ensemble. Male, Featured, Baritone/Bass

  • Lord Savage/Ensemble. Male, Featured, Spoken/tenor

  • Guinevere. Female, Featured, Spoken

  • Poole/Ensemble. Male, Featured, Spoken

  • Lady Beaconsfield/Ensemble. Female, Featured, Soprano/mezzo

  • Sir Archibald Proops/Ensemble. Male, Featured, Baritone

  • Ensemble

    • Male and Female, appearing throughout, singing and movement, all vocal ranges. ​

    • Priest, Medical staff, Balldancers, Prostitutes, Rat denizens, News sellers, Blindman, Train workers, Wedding guests, Bisset Apothecarist, Vendors

Jekyll & Hyde is supported in part by a generous grant from the Southeast Minnesota Arts Council. SEMAC activities are made possible by the voters of minnesota thorugh grants from the MN State Arts Board thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts & cultural heritage fund.