The Guts of Calliope


Our members are essentially the Muse's muses. Being a member-driven non-profit theatre means that we are ultimately responsible to our community of artists, volunteers, and patrons. If you want to support us via membership, or just want to learn how it works, this is the button for you. 


We did not, even with the help of a Greek Muse, find a way to make our bylaws document exciting, gripping, or even vaguely plot-driven. However, we are proud of it. Proud to be an organization driven by voting membership, we are eager for the community of local artists to provide direction to Calliope.


With the help of our earliest donors and our founding board, Calliope has achieved 501(c)3 tax exempt status from the IRS. This means any contributions from the date of our incorporation forward are tax-deductible.


Throughout our state and nation, terrible news of sexual harassment continue to appear. A policy to make our position on mutual respect and harassment clear is a top priority, so it is also among our founding documents.