Financial Muse-ings

Comitted to putting on large-scale shows at high quality, a business plan is vital to the success of Calliope Theatre Company. Luckily, the experience on our team means we can put together a picture of what we will need at different stages to meet our goals. 

You can help us reach any and all of these goals with either a direct donation or by becoming a Calliope member. 



Covering our startup costs is the smallest and most immediate financial goal. We need a clean, friendly online experience and have our paperwork in order to accept tax-deductible donations. Incorporating with the state (complete), filing fees for our tax-exempt application with the IRS, and establishing the web presence you're enjoying right now are all covered in our immediate goal of $900.



Put on a show! Our goal for summer 2021 is to debut with a big musical to show the community what Calliope is capable of. We'll have to purchase the rights; rent a venue and purchase insurance; pay local directors and designers; create or collect the set, costumes, and props; advertise; cover fundraising platform fees; and provide stipends to actors and musicians. This carries the significant price tag, hence our initial fundraising campaign. Luckily, we don't need to repeat this goal for every show, because even being fairly conservative about projected ticket sales at our desired venue (and charging a locally competitive $25/ticket), this show should bring in as much as it costs to produce, which goes into our bank account for the next production. Feel free to contact us if you want more details. 



If we have anything to say about it, Calliope is going to grow fast. We are planning to utilize larger local venues to produce 2 shows each summer and 1-2 regular season productions of somewhat smaller scale as funds and venue availability allow. If we are careful in selection and spending, we should be able to build our savings with each show, as we build a following and reputation in the region.



Our 5-year goals are to secure a permanent location where Calliope can live, to hire Greg Miller as our full-time Artistic Director and other necessary staff, and to produce full 4-6 show seasons each year. We would love to use this space in partnership with other local companies, to support and encourage as many local theatre artists and performers as possible.