Greg Miller, Artistic Director

Greg has been a working theatre professional for 40 years as a published playwright, scenic designer, actor, improvisational comedian, and most prominently as a director.  He has been involved with most southeast Minnesota theatres including Mantorville; Summerset Theatre and Matchbox Children's Theatre in Austin; Albert Lea; Stewartville; the Rochester Repertory Theatre; the RCTC Hill Theatre; and the Rochester Civic Theatre, where he was the Educational Director for 8 years and Artistic Director for 25 years.  Greg has over 150 directing credits in southeast Minnesota, including more than 100 in Rochester, and is the recipient of the illustrious Mayor's Medal of Honor in 2015 and the Ardee Award for Outstanding Artist of the Year in 2016.  Calliope once tried to get the rumor going that Greg is a demigod, the offspring of Zeus and a comedy mask.



Brad Herr, President

Brad has been a part of the Rochester theatre community for fourteen years onstage, offstage, in the lobby, and in the boardroom.  He holds a master's degree in Communication Studies focusing on performance theory and nonprofit management, and works in the Office of Access Management at Mayo Clinic. He hopes to use his talents and training to help our theatre continue to grow and thrive. Calliope often visits the Herr household to sneak treats to their pets, Herman and Stella. 

Nick RudlongVice President

Nick has dozens of acting credits to his name, spread across several local companies, and is making his directing debut this fall. He brings offstage retail management experience and entrepreneurial spirit to our board and to the treasurer position. Never particularly impressed by such pragmatic qualities, Calliope prefers to call Nick the Lord of Puns.


Denise Ruemping, Secretary

Denise is a long-time actor, director, playwright, designer, and theatre educator in the greater Rochester area. She has been involved with multiple theatres, including the Rochester Civic Theatre, the Rochester Repertory Theatre, and the Mantorville Theatre Company. Currently, she is a graduate student, drama coach at Byron High School, and a self-published author. She wrote Calliope's 5th grade book report on The Iliad

Audrey Rinkoski, Treasurer

Audrey has 25 years of theatre experience in four states as an actress, vocal director, and choreographer, including nearly 20 local area productions at both the community and educational level since moving to Rochester in 2008.  Audrey is an alumnus of the Drake University theatre program and currently works in education at Rochester Public Schools. We don't have the test results back, but we think Audrey is actually a direct descendant of Calliope.


Steve Barlow

Steve has been active in Rochester arts and theatre for many years, and has been a part of the Rochester business community for even longer. He has been on stages and in board rooms at several area organizations, including theatres, and wants to help Calliope network and collaborate with other community entities, aid our financial health and profitability, all while staying true to our Mission. You didn't hear it from me, but Calliope's first attempt at a mortal job was bagging groceries at Steve's store.


Tommy Rinkoski, Tombudsman/Website

The founding board very kindly created a position for Tommy that had his name right there in the title.  Aside from filling the official ombudsman role for Calliope, Tommy meets regularly with the board but is not a voting member, because we want to avoid any possible entanglements with having a married couple on a small board.  Tommy has a BFA in acting which he generally uses to wipe rosin off his cello in the pit orchestra for local musicals, and by day is a molecular biologist buried deep in a Mayo research building. 

Tony Drumm, Incorporator

Most of the local theater scene knows Tony for his spectacular theatrical photography, and he has very generously allowed Calliope to use some of his images here on our site and on other material. Tony was also involved early on in the creation of Calliope Theatre Company, and his name appears as our incorporator, submitting our first paperwork to the state of Minnesota. A dubious honor, indeed.

Mike Stutz, Social Media

Mike is currently serving in the capacity of social media manager. He has experience creating and managing large facebook groups, and we certainly welcome his expertise. Mike is also a talented musician and actor, and has appeared on local stages as a musician and in several local community theatre productions. Mike was instrumental in bringing together the group that would become the founding board of Calliope Theatre Company. 

Calliope Theatre Company


The mission of Calliope Theatre Company is to produce and perform theatre that entertains and educates the community and enhances quality of life in the greater Rochester area, and to engage and develop community artists, crafts persons, and dedicated supporters of the theatre arts. 

We are a small company with big plans: to produce professional-quality modern musicals and plays using the deep pool of talented artists and performers right here in the Rochester area. We are fans and supporters of other community theatre companies in Rochester. Our vision is to fit in to the local arts picture by tackling larger-scale community theatre productions that require larger budgets and a dedicated artistic director.


We are committed to transparency and are eager to build a community of members and volunteers that will help guide the future of Calliope Theatre. If we were a transparent human, you could see our guts. Since we are a community theatre company and not a person, you can instead see our bylaws and other documents. 


Calliope (kuh-LIE-uh-pee) is one of nine muses from Greek mythology. Daughters of Zeus, each is associated with a certain sphere of the arts or sciences. Calliope, whose name translates to "beautifully-voiced," is the muse of epic poetry, and passed on her musical gifts to her legendary son, Orpheus. While often depicted with a laurel wreath, she is actually allergic.